Pleasure from alcohol

Whenever I drink first bottle of beer, I feel a bit tipsy, happy and pleasure.

To maximize the feeling of pleasure, I usually take a swig of beer. However, The feeling of pleasure is getting low and low.

The best feeling of pleasure when I got from the first bottle is not coming back after the first beer… 

It’s not coming back no matter how many bottle I take a swig of….

Finally the migraine and pain will take place of the feeling of pleasure after a few bottle of beer… It ends up with hangover normally.

The first pleasure from the first sip of beer is never coming back eventually.

Remember this. 

So, just enjoy the best feeling of beer from the first beer and don’t cling to that feeling by drinking other bottles of beer.

This applies to any other principles of pleasure coming from physical materials

Remeber this and Control youself toward physical materials.

#alcohol #pleasure #beer #soju #seoul

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