Review about Joker in Seoul

Review about Joker in Seoul

Now is the Joker time in Korea.. It’s sensational even in Korea now since it covers the anger made from classification & ignorance concerning social issue. Korea has the similar issues as It’s fast developing.. I mean Korean economy so that we could see a lot of side effects in our naked eye. Classification, gap between the rich and the poor, heredity of wealth and academic background.. which are indirectly exposed in our daily lives and the movie. We sometimes belong to the one causing this side effect or we suffer from this side effect…  The movie displays this issues directly in the Joker’s eyes. No wonder we manufactures jokers at firsthand.

Office workers are gangsters in this movie unlike other movies. The white-collar workers harms the weak that overturns our stereotype… A punk guys wearing leather jacket used to harm the white collar workers in the other movies. However, white-collar office workers harm the ordinary people by their wealth, status and knowledge with their tongue as well as violence. We gotta reflect on ourselves

I assume the most people finally feel the pleasure when Joker eventually express what he wants and thinks. We usually break ourselves down to fit the social standard for satisfaction of others’. Joker stops sacrificing himself to satisfy others. He turn down to make others laugh at last

Of course it goes too far with expression as it ended up with violence.. Nobody wants to justify violence. This movie is a fiction but we need to prevent joker by understanding others and give a little bit of generosity for the healthy society.

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