Politician’s joyful debate (Yoo vs Hong)

There was a joyful debate aired on Youtube and official broadcasting system..

It was the first TV show that I was watching really joyfully. 

In this show, there was not many blames to each other. Instead, I’ve seen very healthy debate and discussion.

Like comedy, there was a lot of political jokes to each other… so it was not like it used to be…

I never expected politician’s talks are funny.. coz they used to try to blame somebody to emphasize their opinions.

It was so great to see two politicians share their opinion very cleary and honestly.. so the sometimes frank opinions let me feel heartfelt sympathy.

We finally discovered the politics can be frankly exposed for citizen’s right to know.

We all know two parties have to advocate each party’s platform… but I’ve found there could be some chances for cooperation to achieve better reality…

Korea has been developed by bloody circumstances to win democracy as you know… democracy movement, impeachment… and so on.

However, I’m sure we are going forward even if we’ve been stumbling so far… 

I saw our future’s optimism from just one TV show amazingly…

We can carry on

#politics #seoul #aaron #lifestyle #democracy  

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