Justice in Seoul, 1987

Can you abandon your reputation, wealth for something abstract like justice?

Here we had heroes in Korea, 1987 giving us real freedom like direct system for presidential election.

Before 1987, Korea was commanded by military regime so we had indirect system for presidential election… which means normal citizen doesn’t have right to vote for president..

As everybody knows, citizen without right to vote is like the body without brain..

In 1987, citizen finally moves for justice as one innocent young guy was dead by military regime in 1987.. he was dead during interrogation even if he was totally innocent. Actually he was not a suspect but he was just a testifier… Military regime used to charge innocent people with spy without logical reason to just control normal citizen by fear.

This kinda ridiculous accident happened in 1987, as the military regime tried to control citizen by fear…

It was even tried to be concealed in the first stage as military regime dominated mass media then… 

However, someone concerned including journalists, officials, with conscience try to expose the truth and fight for justice then..

In the process of fighting for justice, they were threatened to lose their wealth, reputation and social position, but they didn’t surrender.. There were no agreement with injustice. It happened in 1987.

The will toward justice spread out to normal citizen. and finally we did protest nationwide.

We finally got the direct election system back and repelled the military regime.

This situation is described specifically in the movie ‘1987’

In the movie, there was not the super hero like Marvel comics, but every single one with conscience and courage is hero to win democracy.

While watching the movie, I was curious if I could be willing to lose material wealth or reputation for justice? I should be….

I will be.. as it is the real value in life

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