Paradise in dream

I had a dream where I went on a tour into the resort at tropical island.. 

Peaceful ambience surrounded me and not any noise bothered me then

I was just enjoying my time with friends lying on the hammock

But suddenly.. I saw people running into the seminar room in the resort and had a business meeting there

One guy asked me to join that meeting saying it’s mandatory.

I couldn’t help goin to the room and did some business conversation…

At that time, I woke up… getting awake all of sudden.

After I got up.. I spaced out for a few seconds and finally found out I got much stressed out of the reality and workload 

Then,, I’ve made up my mind getting out of any bothersome stress and live as if it’s a paradise enjoying every moment in the real world.

Let’s just enjoy, be happy, and no worries as every moment in life is a gift.

Photo: Youngdong bridge in Seoul 

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