Healing holiday at Gwanggyo Alleyway

Healing holiday at Gwanggyo Alleyway

I went for healing holiday travel to Gwanggyo Alleyway

When you’re down or feeling terrible about your life

I recommend coming out for travel to see something out

I had Pyeongyang dumpling soup to get my heart warm

It was bland and plain without much spices and seasoning

The hot soup & a conversation keep me warm-hearted

Sometimes we are depressed and disappointed with ourselves

However, we need to start over and pick ourselves up again

As life is completed by a mix of mistakes, sorrow, delight and achievement,

We gotta keep cool against any of mistakes or terrible time as well

Every event or accident is small little tiny thing when compared with whole lifetime

Let’s just have some hot soup and something sweet like me and forget everything

I had some sweet thing at Our like Dirty Choco

Which is the best chocolate bread I’ve ever had

When in trouble, let’s find something happy

Let’s just have some hot soup and sweet thing and forget it

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