Back from work at night.. with distress in Seoul

Driving back home after work..

I’ve got too much burden and worries on the way back

I feel like I’m in a slump, totally not motivated at all now

I’ve encountered too much workload on my way to be successful

It’s finally become burden unlike It used be a challenge

I can’t help making mistakes on my work as I feel burned out

I now put the blame on everything…

I finally feel like I’m lost somewhere

I finally stop and stand up nowhere.. like running fast without destination

When I feel this way, I meditate myself that this shall pass away like other things

I need to believe this negative & situational emotion is too shorter than whole lifetime

I finally discovered life is filled with various situations that I must enjoy whether it is good or not

Let’s just do what I like.. and forget about result

That could be only way I feel happy while working

Today, I just wanna enjoy this negative feeling as much as I can

Someone said, when you are in a slump, just feel down as much as you can

Then, push yourself up from the bottom..

Let’s feel down and push myself up from the bottom since this shall pass away



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