Grown ups wanna turn back time in Seoul

When we are used to changes, we accept the changes without any surprises

Sometimes this makes me keep calm everyday.. but, it also makes me not excited everyday

I could be composed, but I could not be excited…

When you’ve grown up, you can finally achieve something that you really wanted to have..

However, you also finally lose something that you already had. It’s just zero-sum

Ironically, grown ups wanna turn back time even if you wanted to be grown up as early as you can

I suppose you might wanna turn back to this time when you get older than now

So, just enjoy the time as much as you can since you might miss this time for sure

You gotta spend the day only by doing something that you like…

Just seize the day and don’t forget you are the leading character of your life

@Super coffee, Yeongdeungpo, Seoul

BGM:… — [ Info ] Title: milk coffee Artist : Ryan

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