Probability of success

When I was little, probability of everything was 50 : 50 like flipping a coin. Head or Tail…

Up until I turned 30, I supposed there are only two fair results of every occasion like 50% success or 50% failure

However, I’ve found out the real probability like 99% of the case ends up in negative and 1% of the case ends up in positive

The reality was not made of 50% of positive and 50% of negative as I used to guess.

However, I’ve also found out I would not have to be depressed from the negative result as it was almost meant to be.

Accordingly, I accept the truth that I need to give it a try for 100 times to achieve success which is 1% of the all cases

Nothing has been changed.. Just make sure that you need to try 100 times without any disappointment

@Once in a blue moon in Seoul

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