our ordinary days are filled with happiness

We’re always waiting for the happiest moment in our whole lifetime  

We sacrifice our current moment for better future 

In doing so, we disrespect our present time by expecting something better 

However, when we’re eventually faced with unfortune or accident…. 

We sincerely hope to be back to our daily routine 

As a matter of fact, our ordinary days are filled with happiness 

우리는 항상 더 행복한 순간을 기다린다 

항상 현재를 희생하면서 더 나은 미래를 꿈꾸기도 한다 

그렇게 우리는 더 나은 무언가를 꿈꾸며 현재를 애써 무시 한다 

그러나 결국 불행이 닥치거나 사고가 나게되면… 

우리는 평범했던 일상으로 돌아가기를 간절히 원한다 

사실, 우리의 보통날들을 행복으로 가득차 있었던 것이다 

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