Smart watch for the fashion

Smart watch is way better than just casual watches if u wanna look hip... I prefer Galaxy watch as I'm not able to buy Rolex or IWC... Watch is the best accessory for men as u already know... Fully recommend it. 갤럭시 와치를 산 뒤로그렇게 사뒀던 캐쥬얼 시계들은 눈에 들어오지 않는다 롤렉스나 IWC 가 아니라면..... Continue Reading →

Art by Sarah Jang

I finally found out why people love arts Painting, Song, Poem heal you mind When you suffer from your reality, please go find the art... and enjoy it until you are healed @Seoul Arts Center

7th Christmas coming up in Seoul

7th Christmas coming up in Seoul for me.. Since back from the states.. It's been 6 yrs to move into Seoul.  Tons of things have changed so far. When I see this christmas tree, I felt time stands still and Im changed or getting older.

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