There is no sweet situation in the real world

There are a lot of sweet words in the worldBut, There is no sweet situation in the real worldHang in there desperately and always stay strong 세상에 달콤한 말은 많지만,현실에 달콤한 상황은 없다처절하게 버티고 항상 담대하라 #seoul #hanriver #rainyday #서울 #한강 #장마

Love is white

Love is white As love is colored into the loved one's color This is how they complete the love 사랑은 하얀색이다 사랑하는 사람의 색깔로 물들어 가기 때문이다 이것은 연인이 사랑을 완성해 나가는 방법이기도 하다

Intelligence kills happiness

Intelligence kills happiness But, a wise man is even satisfied in unhappiness 무언가를 알아갈수록 행복을 잃어갈 수 있다 하지만 현명한 사람은 불행속에서도 만족한다

To keep daily routine is very important

To keep daily routine is very important Your routine is being improved day by day as daily habit Your routine consists of 'To-do' and 'Not to-do' and designed for the most productive days Certain amount of work, exercise, learning, dietary, sleeping habit make you advanced continuously You can focus on your main job with this... Continue Reading →

Keep knocking on the door until it opens up

If you are looking for the opportunity, Keep knocking on the door until it opens up You can pause for a moment, but can't stop knocking Like the ones who keep holding a ritual for rain until it rains 열릴때까지 계속 두드려야한다 기회를 찾는 사람의 자세는 그래야 한다 잠깐 쉴 순 있으나 두드리는것을 멈춰선 안된다... Continue Reading →

Nobody gives you money for crying

Nobody gives you money for crying Nobody gives you money for whining Nobody gives you money for illness Money is important more than you think, and the reality is harsh Hence, don't waste your time on depression 슬프다고 해서 돈이 벌리지 않는다 불평한다고 해서 돈이 벌리지 않는다 아프다고 해서 돈이 벌리지 않는다 생각보다 우리 삶에... Continue Reading →

Make a habit on purpose

If you wanna improve yourself further, change yourself How to change? make a habit on purpose Make any habit you need so that it changes your day It finally changes your life to be better 더 발전하고 싶다면, 당신 스스로 변화하라 변화하는 방법은 단 한가지. 의도적으로 습관을 만들어라 필요한 모든 습관을 만들어라. 그것이 당신의 하루를... Continue Reading →

Water drops break the rock if they continues

Water drops break the rock if continuous The most powerful talent is steadiness Don't give up and keep trying You might reach somewhere far beyond the starting point 물방울이 계속 떨어진다면 바위를 깨뜨릴 수 있다 살아보니, 가장 뛰어난 재능은 꾸준함이었다 포기하지 말고 계속해서 시도하라 반드시 시작점보다 훨씬 먼 곳까지 다다를 수 있을 것이다 #Daehakro #Seoul... Continue Reading →

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