how you live with happiness and wisdom

What determines quality of life is the volume of happiness. Volume of happiness is dependent on how much you express What determines wisdom of life is the volume of knowledge Volume of knowledge is dependent on how much you experience  Express and experience in a timely manner... That's how you live with happiness and wisdom

Paradise in dream

I had a dream where I went on a tour into the resort at tropical island..  Peaceful ambience surrounded me and not any noise bothered me then I was just enjoying my time with friends lying on the hammock But suddenly.. I saw people running into the seminar room in the resort and had a... Continue Reading →

Justice in Seoul, 1987

Can you abandon your reputation, wealth for something abstract like justice? Here we had heroes in Korea, 1987 giving us real freedom like direct system for presidential election. Before 1987, Korea was commanded by military regime so we had indirect system for presidential election... which means normal citizen doesn't have right to vote for president..... Continue Reading →

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