Probability of success

When I was little, probability of everything was 50 : 50 like flipping a coin. Head or Tail... Up until I turned 30, I supposed there are only two fair results of every occasion like 50% success or 50% failure However, I've found out the real probability like 99% of the case ends up in... Continue Reading →

Beef after work in Seoul

When you are soaked with fatigue after work, A glass of beer could be the best pill to take care of you. A pleasant conversation is the best dish for beer. Don't get knocked down.. if you have some sense of humor, happiness all around you. Forget it with a beer and enjoy it with... Continue Reading →

Life is three dimentional

Life is three dimentional as it has various aspects. Sometimes good sometimes bad Some situation is bad, but it's interpreted as good one later Vice versa Personality is three dimentional Sometimes good sometimes bad Some personality is regarded bad, but it's regarded good later Vice versa Thus, don't get stressed out in the situation. Don't... Continue Reading →

Life could be alright unless…

Life could be alright and everything's gonna be OK, unless you lie you do drugs you gamble you drink too much you make love without control you break the law It can be finally OK, if you don't do the above Every mistake, failure, loss, and defeat could be totally OK eventually. Thus, if you... Continue Reading →

What you learn in Life

After some depression recently, I found out what you gotta learn in life. The only thing you have to figure out is... You have to learn how you enjoy your life. That's it. Statistics, Linguistic knowledge, Office automation tools, Computer skills are the things you need in life, but those are like ingredients. Aside from... Continue Reading →

Choice in city, Seoul

A Splendid city filled with desire, pain, ecstasy, sorrow, greed, delight and sympathy. In this mix-up of emotion, you need to choose... one of the two like If you wanna get wealthier, you have to criticize yourself to be improved. If you wanna get happier, you have to compliment youself to love you more. I'd... Continue Reading →

Calm chitchat at 29 pub

There was a calm chitchat at 29 pub with SKYY vodka mixed with tonic water and slices of lemon. As I got older, I'd prefer the calm and quite places to the noisy and exciting places We were talking about how our business is going. We don't want it to get wrecked.... Up until 3am,... Continue Reading →

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