Koreanized cream waffle

We need some sweets to stay calm in the afternoon! Let's get straight to it We need cream waffle! A gigantic cream in it 우리는 오후를 버티기 위해 당이 필요하다... 본론으로 들어가면, 크림이 잔뜩 들어간 그런 와플이 필요하다

Melon ice flakes

Melon ice flakes dessert at Cheongdam Chairman's house Gratefully it was on the house as a opening gift Sweet melon with milky ice flakes is a perfect match 청담동 회장님댁이라는 카페에서 먹은 멜론 빙수. 감사하게도 개업선물로 받았다 우유로 만든 빙수와 달콤한 멜론의 조합은 완벽했다

Food as the best instant happiness

We all know food is the best instant happiness We'd better forget everything when eating Nothing to be serious. Just eat and talk. That's what we live for. #BAS Burger #Seoul #바스버거 #선릉 #코울슬로

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