BAS Burger.. Korean Best Burger ever

The best burger in Korea... BAS Burger Gotta order the Bas burger combo. Ironically. It tastes healthful. Check out the chips (All you can eat) 바스버거, 정말 최고의 맛... 감자튀김은 무제한 무료?... 아이러니하게 건강한 버거의 맛 여의도도 좋지만, 선릉점의 분위기가 정말 좋다

Life like chocolate icecream

Live the life like chocolate ice cream. I know how hard it is... But you can try. You can star over anytime if it ends up being failure. Just give it a go. Here's how we live the life like chocolate ice cream. Smile and be yourself. That's it.

Chicken & Beer in Korea

In Korea, Chicken & Beer is like tradition for the folks to enjoy after work. Chicken & Beer is loved due to it's taste as well as it's symbolism. We talked about a lot of things after work such as family issue, work environment, personal affair, romance, career with the Chicken & Beer. Thus, Chicken... Continue Reading →

Luncheon at Signiel, Jamsil

luncheon with my colleagues at Signiel which was out of my league I couldn't get used to the taste of Foie gras I more like steak and salmon Atmosphere couldn't be better If you have any loved ones, come and get some food right here. Sometimes, people need to be willing to overspend for loved... Continue Reading →

Beef after work in Seoul

When you are soaked with fatigue after work, A glass of beer could be the best pill to take care of you. A pleasant conversation is the best dish for beer. Don't get knocked down.. if you have some sense of humor, happiness all around you. Forget it with a beer and enjoy it with... Continue Reading →

Life is three dimentional

Life is three dimentional as it has various aspects. Sometimes good sometimes bad Some situation is bad, but it's interpreted as good one later Vice versa Personality is three dimentional Sometimes good sometimes bad Some personality is regarded bad, but it's regarded good later Vice versa Thus, don't get stressed out in the situation. Don't... Continue Reading →

Café Bellini at Seoul Arts Center

If you wanna have the enough meat and veggie, come by Café Bellini at Seoul Arts Center A variety of meat you can taste. veggies and cole slaw well arranged for appetizer When you get hungry before watching the art show, you can drop by this place

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