Café Bellini at Seoul Arts Center

If you wanna have the enough meat and veggie, come by Café Bellini at Seoul Arts Center A variety of meat you can taste. veggies and cole slaw well arranged for appetizer When you get hungry before watching the art show, you can drop by this place

Fresh veggie & burger in Bas burger, Seoul

I guess a lot of burger players have come in Seoul.. but Bas burger still keeps itself in the position of the best burger in Seoul Fresh veggies and Crisp beef is well mixed put inside.. Bland cole slaw with less mayonnaise is also strongly recommended

Spicy noodle at Bookchon dumpling

I sometimes have spicy noodle to get out of my load of stress.. The spicy noodle tastes like sour, spicy and sweet which are the best 3S It's mixed among red pepper sauce, vinegar, sugar, sesame, shredded cucumber, seaweed, and sliced radish and so on... How could it not be tasty.. It's totally Korean thing... Continue Reading →

The Place at IFC, Yeouido in Seoul

Have you guys ever had Italian food in Seoul.. Normally Italian food is koreanized..  But don't worry! Koreanized western food has its own unique taste like the convergence I guess I more like koreanized Italian food which is less salty..  (I've been to Italian restaurant picked by Michelin guide 2019, and It was not my... Continue Reading →

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