Luncheon at Signiel, Jamsil

luncheon with my colleagues at Signiel which was out of my league I couldn't get used to the taste of Foie gras I more like steak and salmon Atmosphere couldn't be better If you have any loved ones, come and get some food right here. Sometimes, people need to be willing to overspend for loved... Continue Reading →

Do not delay what you wanna do

Do not delay what you wanna do ever, because life is too short Cherish your today as though it's a last day of your life Even if it sounds like cliche, today is your present @Kondae, Seoul. Busking band

Mistakes completes life

Ironically, mistakes completes life. As we've grown up by learning from mistakes, we could be better men. Mistakes makes life better. Thus, we are better off making mistakes rather than chasing after safety. Even if you could get hurt or disgraced from mistakes, just do it to be a better man. @Posco intersection in Seoul

Probability of success

When I was little, probability of everything was 50 : 50 like flipping a coin. Head or Tail... Up until I turned 30, I supposed there are only two fair results of every occasion like 50% success or 50% failure However, I've found out the real probability like 99% of the case ends up in... Continue Reading →

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