H.245, the place for wine

A bottle of wine is enough for the complete happinessNo need to have a great delicacyIn pursuit of minimalism… 한 병의 와인이면 완벽하게 행복해진다다른 멋진 안주는 필요없다미니멀리즘을 추구하며… Recommended bar for wine at Yongsan, Seoul

Good afternoon at Cafe molamola

Lemon tea, Nacho, Caramel.. The best combination for brunch I suppose. It's been 3 days since opened I might be a regular for this cafe Nacho was on the house gratefully 레몬티, 나초, 카라멜... 가장 좋은 브런치 조합인 것 같다 오픈한지 3일된 이 카페에 난 단골이 될 것 같다 나초는 오픈선물로 주신 감사한 음식

Forget and smile

Only 2 rules for the happiness.Forget and smile. Only 2 rules for the best life.Just live your way and Keep your sense of humour. 행복을 위한 2가지 규칙.잊어라, 웃어라. 최고의 인생을 위한 2가지 규칙.너 자신의 방식으로 살아가라, 유머를 잃지마라. @CGV, Yeouido

Luncheon at Signiel, Jamsil

luncheon with my colleagues at Signiel which was out of my league I couldn't get used to the taste of Foie gras I more like steak and salmon Atmosphere couldn't be better If you have any loved ones, come and get some food right here. Sometimes, people need to be willing to overspend for loved... Continue Reading →

Do not delay what you wanna do

Do not delay what you wanna do ever, because life is too short Cherish your today as though it's a last day of your life Even if it sounds like cliche, today is your present @Kondae, Seoul. Busking band

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