Probability of success

When I was little, probability of everything was 50 : 50 like flipping a coin. Head or Tail... Up until I turned 30, I supposed there are only two fair results of every occasion like 50% success or 50% failure However, I've found out the real probability like 99% of the case ends up in... Continue Reading →

Choice in city, Seoul

A Splendid city filled with desire, pain, ecstasy, sorrow, greed, delight and sympathy. In this mix-up of emotion, you need to choose... one of the two like If you wanna get wealthier, you have to criticize yourself to be improved. If you wanna get happier, you have to compliment youself to love you more. I'd... Continue Reading →

Coffee break at Flypan

Cafe flypan, Rainy Saturday just for chilling. It's been so while for me to have this kinda resting time and coffee break It's coming close to year-end,, and now is the resting time waiting for another experience next year

Dedot cafe at Haebangchon

The most elegant cafe at Haebangchon I guess. We can enjoy the european ambience harmonized modern times of Korea. I recommend grapefruit ade and cheese cake. You can also see the some stuff of modern times such as old-fashioned bell, books, china, dishware.. etc. Much try the terrace and enjoy the sunshine...  #dedot #haebangchon #itaewon... Continue Reading →

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