The best wisdom in life

The best wisdom in life is to know how to stop, wait and let go of desire 인생에서 가장 큰 지혜는  버리고 내려놓고 멈추고 기다릴줄 아는 것이다

Wait for the better chance

Don't get rushed Don't be in a hurry Keep calm and just wait for the better chance We blow the chances when we rush too fast There must be better opportunity when we're waiting for the signal It applies to business, career, relationship, romance, and life 서두르지 마라 너무 몰아 붙이지도 마라 더 나은 기회가... Continue Reading →

Freed from oppression

Just be freed from others' evaluation You can just express what you like or dislike in a timely fashion Sometimes you can cut loose gently Just be yourself 다른 이들의 평가로부터 자유로워져야 한다 어떤 것이 좋고, 어떤 것이 싫은지 명확하게 전달해야 한다 때때로 마음가는대로 행동할 수도 있어야 한다 그렇게 자신을 잘 나타내는 인생을 살아야 한다... Continue Reading →

We’re never satisfied as usual

We expected a little warmer weather during last freezing winter. We're now craving way warmer weather even if spring has come. How greedy we are. We're never satisfied as usual. 그리 춥던 지난 겨울에는 조금이라도 따뜻해진 계절을 기다렸는데.. 막상 봄이 오니, 이 보다 따뜻한 계절이 빨리 오지않는다고 불평한다. 우리는 영원히 만족하지 않는다.

A road sign

Where do we wanna go? At the end of year, I'd like to leave for someplace. For travel, I'd like to go to NYC. For rest, I'd like to go to Miami Let's pack and leave. It's holiday coming up soon. #Seoul #COEX

Another Christmas ambience

I've passed this scenery on my way back home. I'm grateful I can still see some Christmas tree on the street even if I cannot hear any of Christmas carols due to some copyright issues... I wanna just lose myself into childlike Christmas ambience especially today as I have some grown-up's worries.

Smile in spite of toughness in life

I bought the oranges, banana, and apples at the fruit shop in Korean traditional market.. The storekeeper came over and explain how the fruit was wonderful with smile. His smile gave me a lesson...  Even if life could be tough, we can be smiling. We can deal with every situation in life with smile Just... Continue Reading →

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