A road sign

Where do we wanna go? At the end of year, I'd like to leave for someplace. For travel, I'd like to go to NYC. For rest, I'd like to go to Miami Let's pack and leave. It's holiday coming up soon. #Seoul #COEX

Another Christmas ambience

I've passed this scenery on my way back home. I'm grateful I can still see some Christmas tree on the street even if I cannot hear any of Christmas carols due to some copyright issues... I wanna just lose myself into childlike Christmas ambience especially today as I have some grown-up's worries.

Smile in spite of toughness in life

I bought the oranges, banana, and apples at the fruit shop in Korean traditional market.. The storekeeper came over and explain how the fruit was wonderful with smile. His smile gave me a lesson...  Even if life could be tough, we can be smiling. We can deal with every situation in life with smile Just... Continue Reading →

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