Choice in city, Seoul

A Splendid city filled with desire, pain, ecstasy, sorrow, greed, delight and sympathy. In this mix-up of emotion, you need to choose... one of the two like If you wanna get wealthier, you have to criticize yourself to be improved. If you wanna get happier, you have to compliment youself to love you more. I'd... Continue Reading →

Calm chitchat at 29 pub

There was a calm chitchat at 29 pub with SKYY vodka mixed with tonic water and slices of lemon. As I got older, I'd prefer the calm and quite places to the noisy and exciting places We were talking about how our business is going. We don't want it to get wrecked.... Up until 3am,... Continue Reading →

Café Bellini at Seoul Arts Center

If you wanna have the enough meat and veggie, come by Café Bellini at Seoul Arts Center A variety of meat you can taste. veggies and cole slaw well arranged for appetizer When you get hungry before watching the art show, you can drop by this place

Art by Sarah Jang

I finally found out why people love arts Painting, Song, Poem heal you mind When you suffer from your reality, please go find the art... and enjoy it until you are healed @Seoul Arts Center

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