Have a toast to your happy ending

We are on the way to happy ending We may face some dust, rain, sunny days and cold nights in the middle However, we know our destination is happy ending Let's keep going with smile as we are on the way to happy ending So, how can we not be optimists 우리는 모두 해피엔딩으로 가고... Continue Reading →

Expect tomorrow’s life

When you are done for the day... You always have to expect tomorrow's life I know you sometimes regret yourself I know you sometimes fall down Stop blaming yourself and you should check out why you fall down It's because you try to run as fast as you can Whenever you fall down, you may... Continue Reading →

Let’s have a blast

Let's have a blast when you work Let's have a ball when you are in love Let's have some fun when alone or with people Let's have great time in every moment 삶을 신나게 즐기자 일할때나, 사랑할때나, 혼자 일때나 함께일때도 모든 순간을 신나게 즐기자


If you are under depression, please bear in mind that nothing is serious. Why so serious? Just forget and enjoy the moment! Be happy for no reason as you're born only to be happy 지금 우울하다면, 아무것도 심각할 것은 없다는 것만 명심해라 심각해질 필요 없다. 그냥 잊고 이 순간을 즐겨라 아무 이유없이 행복해라. 그럴려고 태어났으니깐... Continue Reading →

People skill set

Understand people, but don't expect people Befriend people, but don't rely on people Listen carefully to people, but don't talk much to people

Because life is too short

Amazingly, all of worries seem like trifles when looking at the ocean If you are not happy now, please keep in mind that life is too short to waste your time on dissatisfaction Life is too short. Hence, just be happy for no reason You are always young until you believe so 마냥 행복하기에도 인생은... Continue Reading →

How to taste the life like Affogato

How to taste the life like Affogato which is bitter but sweet Don't be angry but say what you want clearly.Don't butter up or Don't be pretentious. Just express frankly and gently.Don't act like a know-it-all. Just say you don't know that.Don't say too much. Just say what you need and listen up.Don't count on... Continue Reading →

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