The wise know how to stop

The wise know how to stop, not how to accelerate. The wise know when to stop, not when to accelerate. 현명한 사람들은 어떻게 달릴 것인가가 아니라 어떻게 멈출 것인가에 대해서 알고 있다 현명한 사람들은 언제 달릴 것인가가 아니라 언제 멈출 것인가에 대해서 알고 있다

I hope it always stays the way it is

A country boy in the TV show said I hope it always stays the way it is It's my only wish... It's an unheard-of wish ever But, it sounds like a lesson learned I bet he taught me how to pursue the happiness in a right way TV방송에서 한 시골소년은 '소원'을 물어보는 질문에 이렇게 답했다... Continue Reading →

Objectives of our lives

I don't know why we're born... But, I know why we live. we live to discover the job we like we live to find the ones loving you we live to know hobby you enjoy Life is the process of discovering oneself 왜 태어나게 되었는지는 모르지만, 왜 살아가는지는 알 것 같다 딱 3가지 이유이다 좋아하는... Continue Reading →

Deficiency, Complex and Disadvantage are your best motivation

Deficiency, Complex and Disadvantage are your best motivation You know you have nothing to lose Hence, try without hesitance Fail fast, Fain often Mistakes boost your life as it used to do 결핍, 열등감, 불리함은 가장 좋은 동기부여요소 이다 우리는 알고있다. 잃을 것이 없다는 것을... 그러므로 망설임 없이 시도하라 더 빨리 실패하고, 더 자주 실패하라... Continue Reading →

Health and Humanism

Health and Humanism, the 1st priority in our life We must not compromise on this priority As we get older, sometimes we are confused with priorities But bear in mind that Health and Humanism are our 1st priority Don't place money or sucesss in the 1st priority which destroys our lives 건강과 인간애, 이 2가지가... Continue Reading →

The best wisdom in life

The best wisdom in life is to know how to stop, wait and let go of desire 인생에서 가장 큰 지혜는  버리고 내려놓고 멈추고 기다릴줄 아는 것이다

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